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Putting together a journal for tracking my OC info to make it easier for any one that happens to get me to swap characters with.
Having said that i will add this journal will grow as i have a chance to upload more of my characters and their bio/info. this will be edited several times over the next few days... so sorry for anyone that happens to get hit with what looks like journal spam from me. :shrug:

OC List

:bulletblue: Chase -
Male, "athletically" Skinny, Light blue eyes (bordering on icy whitish sometimes) bluish black hair, has a soul patch and from time to time a a goatee but usually he has stubble with just the soul patch (He ALWAYS has the soulpatch.... there is NEVER and option for a soulpatchless Chase, like never ever. if he was killed in a fire... they would identify him by his completely unscathed soulpatch. BOOM! Soulpatch.) wears baggy hoodies and baggy or loooooong tshirts, loose jeans with a belt that he wears to his left side, he finds "Skinny jeans" ridiculous for men and refers to them as "Girl Pants" he tends not to talk in a public setting if he can help it. he only feels comfortable in the small core group of friends he keeps around him. he is not quick to trust or warm up to people but when he accepts someone into his pack he lowers his defenses and they find him to be hilarious and fun to be around.

Mostly introverted except when Tucker or Lexxi drags him out among the English. watches the world existing around him intensely. almost as if analyzing it. Chase is a "Dog Person" he prefers his pups to most humans. Coffee ADDICT... so much so that for him coffee has it's own process that needs to be followed... so much so that it has become almost like a religious ritual to him (even his dogs are addicted to his coffee ritual).  also enjoys room temperature dr.pepper. carries a gold coin in his pocket that he rubs with his thumb when he is nervous in public. He is a huge Scarlet Spider (Ben Reilly) fan.

pics Human Form DA-0042 no-halo chase by dumpsterfiregypsy Chase 42 - OC by dumpsterfiregypsy ID Base-001b by dumpsterfiregypsy Neko Form ID Neko Base-001b by dumpsterfiregypsy
pics others have done of Chase [ACEO] dumpsterfiregypsy by Diaminerre  ACEO for Dumpsterfiregypsy by LeoDragonsWorks MAX - Chase by purenightshade girl pants by clemon MAX March 2017 by AsheSkyler Coffee High by firstcultural ACEO: A lazy day by rowy16 Hug (Chase) by Mymylle ACEO Chase by Amadoodles

:bulletpink: Lexxi -
Female, dark auburn hair, curvy - not scrawny but not fat she has meat on her bones and wears it damn fine, Large chested she has several tshirts that say "My eyes are up th.....Oh NEVERMIND!", wide hips to accentuate the second part of her curves.

Kinda spastic. she is an "All In" kinda girl... she doesn't go halfway with anything she sets her mind to. if she decides to go rock climbing... that is ALL she can focus on until she has mastered it. extremely intense. interested in Chase and VERY Blunt about it.

pics - Coming soon

:bulletpurple: Tucker (aka Tuck) -
Male, tall with a "pot-smokers slouch" dark blonde hair it borders on light brown but has that yellowish undertone that keeps it on the blonde side. favors tshirts with smartassed sayings or shockingly ignorant images. He likes when people are put off by him it amuses him.

best friend of chase. Forces Chase to "participate" in life. kind of a "Highly functioning" burnout (or as he puts it the "Connoisseur of chronic"). tucker has money so he hasn't ever really known economic struggle but he doesn't live the life of a wealthy person. He is smart but most times his "response time" is a bit delayed from the "dope fog" hanging on his brain. Tucker thinks Ivy has cute toes but accidentally said that to her one day and didn't see her feet for a month so he no longer brings it up.

pics - Coming soon

:bulletgreen: Ivy -
slender build, tall, small feet not abnormally small but it is something that she thinks about.... alot. for somereason it makes her question all of her dimensions. she tends to wear girly cowboy boots to "disguise" her feet as cowboy boots in her mind "hide the true nature of feet" (her words, Not mine)  Blonde but generally has some outrageous streaks of color in her hair or has dyed it hot pink, teal, dark blue or cherry red depending upon her mood off the moment.

the "Hates the world" type. is extremely put out by everything "trendy" and new. finds people in general to be stupid and an utter waste of her time. for some reason she is uncontrollably drawn to Tucker and it annoys her. like to the point of being pissed off at herself when she sees him because she has no control over the "heart skips" when she notices him.

:bulletred: Drake -
Brown hair, shorter, grey blue eyes, very pinkish fleshtones.

happy go lucky almost all of the time. if drake is in a bad mood you begin to question WHAT is wrong in the universe. hangs out with his shapeshifting Alien friend

pics - dfg-Chibi ID by dumpsterfiregypsy

:bulletred: Gleek -
pinkish purple Alien creature (behind Drake).

Not a "PET" to Drake but a shape shifting Alien friend

pics - dfg-Chibi ID by dumpsterfiregypsy

:bulletyellow: Stasia -
info coming soon

info coming soon

pics - Coming soon

It's MAX time again.

The optional round for March is "mayhem". Chaos, disaster, frustration, and such, whether serious or comical.

Remember, if you're open to receiving art with this theme, mention it in your MAX Account information.

Here are the usual guidelines:
- It must be recognizable as the artist's character.
- Full body or most of the body. Not just a portrait!
- Color is recommended, unless it's REALLY well-shaded in Black & White.
- Backgrounds are not required, but they sure do make the picture look better.
- Obviously rushed artwork will be rejected.
  • Listening to: NoCopyrightSounds on YouTube
  • Reading: random tutorials
  • Watching: art in my notification area
  • Playing: the role of a "responsible Adult"
  • Eating: pb & frosting sandwhiches
  • Drinking: coffee
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March 16, 2017


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