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MAX March 2017 beccastareyes  OC Alriai Aborin by dumpsterfiregypsy MAX March 2017 beccastareyes  OC Alriai Aborin by dumpsterfiregypsy
This is my image for the March M.A.X. (Multi Artist eXchange) swap

I had a great time doing the exchange and i recommend anyone give it a go that likes the chance to ddraw other peoples OCs.

the character belongs to :iconbeccastareyes:

Character Name: Alriai "Alri" Aborin

beccastareyes had a few characters to choose from, this one caught my eye first but i could've done a few of the others as well.

i didn't really have alot of background as the older comics were down at the time i was doodling. i based the image off the refs and the bios.... hope i did at least a passable job at capturing her.

I was going to draw her stretched out reading some dusty old tome but i thought about the fantasy element and the sword fighter imagery got stuck in my mind. there were a number of refs that had a sword present so i figured it was a safe bet.

I noticed wings in a few of the refs but without any backstory from the comics i just didn't feel safe adding them. :shrug:

i had this idea of her holding the fencing foil/sword with her pinky extended and it amused me, it is a bit harder to see after coloring (to br honest the pinky looked a bit better when i penciled it.)

this was sketched in red and blue pencil, then inked with microns (trying to get better at traditional inking) then i scanned it in and colored it.

i may give this a bit more work to try out some different shading techniques. :shrug: as with all my art i could keep editing it until the cows come home but i wanted to make sure to get this uploaded by the deadline.

I snuck in serenity as a bit of a nod to the "Chaos" that was the Space smugglin'adventure with the shadow of a firefly class transport on the face of that cold moon. i couldn't help myself.
Browncoat for life.

Character belongs to :iconbeccastareyes:
Art done by me: :icondumpsterfiregypsy:
beccastareyes Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
It looks great!

(The wings are a late-comic thing I may or may not be planning on keeping now that I reconsider 10-15 year old notes.)
dumpsterfiregypsy Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for the :+fav: i appreciate it.

Thanks for the info i wasn't sure if they were something from the comic or not but as i said i figured i would be safer not to include them :nod: though to be honest i can easily image several ideas for alternative versions with the wings .

I was hoping i hadn't butcher her with my version so i am glad you like it.
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March 29, 2017
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