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ArtofPhranger's Old Character -  colored by dfg by dumpsterfiregypsy ArtofPhranger's Old Character -  colored by dfg by dumpsterfiregypsy
I threw some colors over and a "background" kinda thing behind the lines belonging to ArtOfPhranger the self proclaimed "Porn wielding panhandler"

Now, for any of you that might not know I have a pervy streak running through me that's more than a country mile wide.
I am not apologizing for it... just letting ya know.
Having said that... I am not surprised that I stumbled across :iconartofphranger:'s "I.T. Girl" comic pages in my travels.

If you haven't seen them you can check them out here:

I.T. Girl -…

when I found the comic I started watching ArtOfPhranger and he uploaded some of his older linework and these lines caught my eye.

Old Character -…

They were simply labeled as "Old Character" without a description or backstory.
I asked the "Porn wielding panhandler" if I could color them and recieved a prompt "Go For it."

So I began.

As I began to push pixels about slinging digital color & shades around my mind started to wonder as it will.
I realized i didn't know what the color scheme of the character was...
what was the backstory & history of the character... was this sword being used for good or the ultimate evil... was she an avenging soul or someone forced into defense... does she like tacos?
As I said my mind tends to wander.

so randomly the shade of blue in the clothing was chosen when I was starting to lay out the flats.... "chosen" is a misnomer as it happened to be the secondary color in my color selection from the last thing i had been working on.
with that out of the way i continued to lay in the basics... i finished the flats and put a nice Grey with very basic halftone BG behind it to see how it looked.

i liked the look but it just seemed like something was missing.
Then looking at the character i just got this old-school arcade character vibe....
soooo a quick Digitalesque BG (Read that as "Floaty pixel things") and then the "Player 2 Enters" fonts lightly scrawled on the top to convey that aforementioned arcade vibe. Just because.

Slapped on a border and Credit to ArtOfPhranger and Bob's your Uncle

Oh yeah.... if i forgot to mention it ArtOfPhranger is a perv as well so if your delicate sensibility is easily offended or you don't Like the sexy sexy butts then I suggest you don't go look at his stuff and instead watch puppys sleeping in the sun.
If you do like the Sexy, Sexy Butts and perviness then get on over there!

Oh and if it is still on your mind... YES this colored version of Phranger's character DOES very much LOVE the Tacos!

ArtOfPhranger Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2017  Professional Artist
Woah, its amazing how a bit of coloring can change the feel of a picture.

Well done.
dumpsterfiregypsy Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for letting me color it.... and thanks for the :+fav:

I may be asking to color more of your work when i have free time if you don't mind.
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